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ABOUT Dr. Mori

Dr. Mori is a physician in Japan specialized in Dermatology and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for more than 20 years clinical experience. At present, he is not only a licensed Medical Doctor in Japan, but also a BC registered Doctor of TCM. He focuses his medical practice on TCM right now in B.C. Canada and is a teaching professor at Vancouver Beijing College of Chinese Medicine. However, his knowledge and experience in Western Medicine definitely double his ability to treat the patients. Dr. Mori has many Canadian, Japanese, Korean  and Taiwanese patients who all like his kind, polite and professional medical services.


Dr. Mori used to be offered the opportunity to undertake pharmacological research related to Chinese herb medicine at the prestigious National Tokyo University. This career helps Dr. Mori a lot thereafter while using and prescribing TCM herb medicine to treat his patients. Dr. Mori emphasizes on good communication with his patients and always thinks logically to analyze and explain every phenomenon of the disease by both western modern medical science and traditional oriental theory of medicine. Due to his long-term contribution to the field of dermatology, the patients in Canada now are also benefited from Dr. Mori’s background since he knows how to take advantage of TCM therapy to relieve the patient’s sufferings, especially some general pruritus problem and recurrent urticaria. For patients of Atopic Dermatitis, he is dedicated to helping them to taper the endless usage of steroid topical treatment.

In addition to his long expertise experience of TCM herb medicine, Dr. Mori is also an excellent Acupuncturist and good at treating lower back pain, frozen shoulder, Sciatica and joint pain by means of Acupuncture. Before being licensed in BC, Dr. Mori learned Acupuncture skills in Japan also in Canada from many veteran Acupuncture masters. He is also skillful at treating post herpes-zoster neuralgia with the combination of Acupuncture and Herb medicine. 

  • 1989~

  • Graduated from National Taiwan University, College of Medicine

  • Passed National Board Examination of Medical Doctors in Taiwan

  • Licensed Physician of Taiwan

  • 1991~

  • Postgraduate study at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

  • Postgraduate research of Oriental Medicine at Tokyo University, Japan

  • Passed National Board Examination of Medical Doctors in Japan 

  • Licensed Physician of Japan

  • Clinical training specialized in Dermatology at Nippon Medical School Hospital, Tokyo

  • Clinical practice specialized in Dermatology and Oriental Medicine at Sophia Clinic, Tokyo

  • 2017~

  • Graduated from Vancouver Beijing College of Chinese Medicine

  • Passed CTCMA Examination of Dr. TCM.

  • BC registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine  

  • Acupuncture : Pain relief for Lower back pain, Frozen shoulder, Sciatica, and Chronic joint pain disorder

  • Aesthetic acupuncture

  • TCM Herb : Atopic dermatitis, Chronic eczema, Urticaria, also Chronic fatigue syndrome, Postmenopausal syndrome, Dysmenorrhea, Obesity, Insomnia, Common cold, Allergic rhinitis, Chronic gastrointestinal disorder

  • Aesthetic IPL/Laser & Skin Care : Acne, Pigmentation, Wrinkles, etc. 

  • Sunetics Laser Hair Regrowth for all genders

  • IPL/Laser Hair Removal ( Axillary, Extremities, Body, Face and Neck )



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Dr. TCM. (Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine) license is the highest licensure conferred

by the province of BC to the practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture who has

successfully completed the 5-year Doctoral program of post-university professional training

in the many paradigms of Traditional Chinese Medicine and passed the national licensing examination. According to the bylaws, Dr. TCM. is also in the supervising and advising position for any Registered Acupuncturist and TCM Practitioner.




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